Medication of the erectile dysfunction

November 28 , 2013 In: Uncategorized

Nowadays there are many medication methods for erectile dysfunction. The most popular are:
•To modify the prescribed medications if they may be the cause of appeared ED
•psychotherapy and sex therapist counselling
•usage of oral drugs (pills and tablets) such as viagra®, cialis® and levitra®
•usage of outer vacuum pump devices for penis to produce the blood flow
•direct injections into the penis (for example caverject impulse®)
•prosthetic implants
•hormone therapy (a rarely prescribed method)
•vascular surgery (a rarely undertaken method).

Usually the doctors begin the medication with the most simple and least invasive methods, such as pills taking. If the pills are not effective, the more complicated treatments (such e injection) or surgery procedures may be suggested. It is not rare when the medication of the problem cause restore the lost erectile function. For example the replacement of testosterone, cancelling of medications that cause ED. Nevertheless in the most cases the special medication to return the erectile function is inevitable.

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Antibiotics ineffective against cough

February 23 , 2013 In: Narcolepsy

Contrary to popular belief, antibiotics are not effective against the acute cough. Test results are disappointing. Nine patients treated to improve one? Cough is usually viral. Tailor treatment to individual cases. A ready-made idea was abandoned. Some authors have systematically search all trials comparing antibiotics with placebo (inactive treatment pseudo-) in the treatment of acute cough. They have found nine good quality, they together analyze the results for all (this method is called a meta-analysis). Test results are disappointing. Indeed, after 7 to 11 days, no statistically significant difference (that is to say having a scientific meaning) has been observed between patients treated or not with antibiotics to cure coughs, or for the proportion of patients who were improved by treatment. Adverse effects were more frequent in patients treated with antibiotics, but again, the difference was not significant..


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Alli: What you should know about this anti-obesity drug

February 3 , 2013 In: Maintenance

Alli ? What is this anti-obesity drug that is mentioned in the media? What are promises and what can we really expect? Answers from Dr. Dominique Boute, specialist in endocrinology, diabetology and nutrition. Alli , what is this anti-obesity drug prescription soon? Who is this drug Alli ? What is your personal experience of this product (Xenical )? Alli , what is this anti-obesity drug in soon OTC? Dr. Dominique Boute: This is not a novelty. Orlistat, known as Xenical , is marketed since 1998. This is a drug reserved for overweight people and issued only on prescription. Alli is the same molecule but half as dosed. The only novelty is that it will be issued without a prescription but a lower dose. The mode of action of Orlistat is to inhibit the intestinal lipase enzymes that are essential to the digestion of fats.. Read the rest of this entry »

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Young and old, Always wear wraparound sunglasses with lenses

January 28 , 2013 In: Indigestion

Young and old, Always wear wraparound sunglasses with lenses filter index high. Ophthalmia, fortunately rare, eye burns are caused by heavy doses of UV..
The number of sessions of care is determined in advance and depends on your condition. Finally, know that it is possible to enjoy spa treatments in two therapeutic orientations. This option depends on the possibilities of the station and requires that the second condition is listed other therapeutic orientations supported by health insurance: oral mucosal diseases lingual, digestive disorders, psychosomatic disorders, urinary diseases, dermatology, gynecology ; cardio-arterial ; neurology ; PHLEBOLOGY ; development disorders in children, respiratory, and rheumatology course. To learn more about the management of spa treatments by health insurance: Read the rest of this entry »

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The rich are they in their ivory towers?

January 6 , 2013 In: Glaucoma, Open Angle

The more egocentric, less turned toward other, more indifferent to their neighbors, such would be the richest people. What many have already observed is therefore would reveal quantifiable after psychological studies on interactions between individuals. Put face-to-face individuals from different social classes and filming their reactions to interpret. It is the study which has been achieved by psychologists from the American University of Bekerley. Then, attitudes, body language were shelled to observe whether there were differences between people of different social status. The result is edifying and dare we say, a little sad. When a person of higher social class is in the presence of another person, his attention to another is much lower than people’s attention from less privileged backgrounds. In the presence of the other, the rich showed little attention and little interest: he looks around the room, scribbling on a sheet, wriggling, looks nails, and do not look so much the other side in eye.. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tap water for good health

December 25 , 2012 In: Schizophrenia

Thanks to public service, tap water is really little dear, more than 60 times cheaper than bottled water. It is also quite natural. What are the secrets of this water that we consume has everything going? Tap water is purified and steriliseeQuid of hardness of water robinetPotable yes, but is it good for health? Tap water is clean and steriliseeL’eau tap water is urban or rural distribution that has undergone purification and sterilization. It is clean water for consumption, a potable water. Purification is intended to meet the requirements and biological increasingly severe imposed by the Ministry of Health, such as for nitrates. Thus, the water is treated so as to remove all traces of pollution, but also any trace bacteriological, which might contaminate us. What about the hardness of your water hardness robinetLa water corresponds to the quantity of minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium). . Read the rest of this entry »

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The desire for children is one thing to

December 6 , 2012 In: Seizures

The desire for children is one thing to feel ready to become a mother is another. Although once baby arrives, happiness is so immense that the question no longer arises, feeling ready can help ease some anxieties that may arise during pregnancy. And then you, are you ready to have a child? You let a few extra pounds to settle, because baby will need it during your pregnancy. False. In matters of weight, aim always the right measure. Too much or too little weight inversely night was the fertility. Moreover, even during pregnancy, her weight should be monitored. The excess weight has exposed complications, like restrictive diets. So start a pregnancy with a normal weight is ideal, ensuring a normal weight gain during pregnancy and an easier loss after pregnancy! Your power gives you plenty of omega-3. True. This is the time to fill of omega-3. Your baby needs it for the development of his brain, and you too (reduced risk of premature birth and prevention of baby blues).. Read the rest of this entry »

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Clarify the course of care

November 26 , 2012 In: Maintenance

Clarify the course of care for patients with Alzheimer’s is the main objective of the new recommendations of the High Health Authority has just update its paper on the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related diseases, a document which is intended for general practitioners and specialists..
This work, which had already been published in 2008, are therefore to be revised taking into account the recent developments around the management of the disease in hopes of better ownership by professionals.
In short, the High Health Authority expects that general practitioners themselves assess patients with disorders of memory, and then ensure that they monitor these patients, 6 months and 12 months. After one year follow-up, where alteration of disorders, a binomial-specialist general practitioner will realize the tests and examinations necessary to truly put the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. And this is again the general practitioner treating that, after exchange with the patient and his family on the right understanding of the issues of diagnosis, they propose a plan of care and support. Read the rest of this entry »

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Those so-called type A are hyperactive, impatient, demanding vis-a-vis themselves, and others

November 7 , 2012 In: Seizures

The typical profile is that of yuppie including stress and ambition are at home both the most powerful engines. In a way, the personality type of A chooses to rule the world. Conversely, depressive personality tends to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. It is therefore not surprising that she lives rather idle and that it be so difficult to project into the future. Type A personality has not had time perdreLa depressive personality is responsible for all the ills of mondeLa personality type A has no time has perdreLa life of a person who is said to have a behavior type A looks like a real race against time. It is always Pressed, stressed. It overflows with activities and responsibilities that it often assumes, moreover, with virtuosity, knowing how to take timely decisions.. Read the rest of this entry »

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The haemorrhages denote uterine bleeding that occurs outside

October 28 , 2012 In: Indigestion

The haemorrhages denote uterine bleeding that occurs outside of the rules, that last longer or are more abundant than the normal rules. We asked Dr. David Elia to know the different possible origins of the bleeding and solutions, other than surgical. What is the definition of a uterine bleeding? What are the causes of these haemorrhages and what treatment? What is the definition of a uterine bleeding? Dr. David Elia: uterine bleeding are the blood flows that last longer and are more abundant than the usual rules. This is what is called menorrhagia. Uterine bleeding are bleeding that occurs outside of the rules, it is bleeding. The bleeding may be of very low abundance, brown or black, or very abundant and pink. You should know that color is conditioned by the amount of bleeding.. Read the rest of this entry »

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